Scooters for Kids

Scooters for Kids

There used to be a time when all you would see kids doing in the streets would be riding their bikes or playing football and even though street soccer still seems as popular as ever it seems kids scooters are taking over from bikes as the cool way for kids to get around.

The innovation and design that goes into these scooters these days is immense and it has become a seriously big business with brands and companies growing rapidly from sales around the globe. This growth has come alongside a growth in urban type sports and activities around the world, particularly in America where big star names like Tony Hawks, and massive sponsored events like the X Games have brought these types of sports to a global TV audience.

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Children will always aspire to be like their heroes and this is no different with scootering. One of the brand leaders, Razor, is a rapidly growing company that makes kids scooters for all ages and ability levels from an entry level scooter to professional stunt scooters

There is so much design quality and innovation that goes into these scooters these days and safety is never compromised either making them ideal for children as young as 2 or 3 to learn on and then learn and evolve into more appropriate models that will allow for a more daring and trick filled ride. For those who like a slightly more pedestrian ride you can also get your hands (and your bum!) on an electric scooter that will take you for a ride with no effort required.

The safety aspects of the scooters are there to keep everyone as safe as possible too, with strong grips, responsive breaks and a variety of models that give the option of 3 or even 4 wheels for extra stability and smoothness of ride.

There really is a scooter for everyone out there and you’ll be able to find one easily that fits your skill level and more importantly your bank balance so get out there and have some fun.

Football or Soccer? I Bet My team Wins

Football and Soccer Betting Online

Football continues to enter our hearts and TVs on an almost daily basis (no complaints from me about that) and over the last 1o or 15 years or so the amount of money coming into the game has grown at an alarming rate. Footballers can become millionaires in a year and then, depending on their contracts and other corporate sponsorship, can end up earning millions every year on top of their ‘real job’ salary too.

The growth of the game on a global scale has given rise to an increasing number of industries that aim to capitalise on the almost 24/7 playing of football or soccer (that’s the one time I’ll call it that!) around the world. Perhaps the most successful and profit heavy is the phenomenon that is online betting that has overtaken the laptops and smartphones of millions of bettors around the world.

This new world is as all consuming as the game itself and it can easily make or break people. There is a growing online community that follows virtually every move of football betting and aims to find a weakness or exploit mistakes that the bookies make – even though we all know they don’t make many at all.

There are new income opportunities for sporting experts who offer their tips and advice on online sporting forums and more so now on social media platforms such as Twitter and FaceBook. Matched betting has also become prevalent, this is where people attempt to exploit the different odds offered by the numerous online bookies and make profit from the differences in these odds, often using a matched betting calculator that will present all the odds and highlight the areas where profit is guaranteed – regardless of the result of the match you’re betting on.

Massive bookmakers make massive profits and will always do everything they can to keep their customers loyal with plenty of marketing messages and loyalty bonus schemes and offers. These are often in the form of free bets, bonus bets, matched betting or incentives to try out different types of betting or perhaps even the casino areas that lots of online betting companies have now.

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In the past it’s always been a bit of a cliche that the bookie always wins but these days that isn’t always the case and the balance of power may be shifting….